Intro to me: Nam Phan!

Hi there! I’m Nam Phan.

I thought it would be a great idea to start a blog to chronicle my journey as a freelance web designer, graphic designer, photographer and a full-time father to a spank-in new baby.

You’re going to read a lot of different things about how I try to squeeze work, play, and family time without causing a rift in my household universe but everything you will see is done with a smile cause I love what I do.

You’re going to notice that my English is not the best but I’ll try my best. Oh, just to forewarn you, I’m a bit of a rambler too.

I’m planing to show some of my works, my problems and a lot of questions as I do get a bit lost a little too often. I’ve learned the trade all on my own via the internet and spending a lot of time at Barnes & Noble reading all I can.

What am I up to now? Currently, I’m trying to relaunch my website,, put together some photoshoots and tying up a couple web design jobs.

Well, I hope you enjoy my future posts as I will enjoy your company during my journey.

Thanks! Nam P.


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