9/22 Bboy Photoshoot @ USF: First time for everything

What an awesome shoot this was! The shoot took place @ USF at the Collins Blvd Parking Garage and boy, we couldn’t agreed on a better spot. I was going for that urban and underground look as I felt the art of ‘break’ has gone under the radar to better refine the art. The younger generation has done a fine job to supersede the older generation of bboys and from what I witnessed, they definitely deserve to continue the unique craft.

Bboy Orlon and Simon defintiely put on their “A” game and all I had to do is make sure I grab those frames but there were a couple of hitches. I thought my 1.5 frames per second in RAW would proved to be a problem but it turned out that the PocketWizard Plus2 and/or the Canon 430EX flash hinder to fully exploit the two individuals “A” game. I’m suspecting the combination of the usual mis-flashes between the two transceivers and the batteries couldn’t refresh the flash swiftly enough.

Even though these were really tall photography hurdles, it was a great learning experience as I have never ever used a flash before in any of my projects. Before this gig, I was a 100% natural light photog but I now have a greater appreciation as to when to flip out the strobist techniques to grab some really nice frames.

Well, I’ve made a mild Behind The Scenes video. I said mild because I forgot to bring my video camera to document the shoot. Just a note on the video, for some reason Windows Movie Maker Live decided to chop some parts of my photos in the video. Probably an aspect ration issue, if anyone out there can help me on that, I would greatly appreciate the kind gesture.

If you want to go straight to this series of photos, you can visit this link: http://digitalfabstudios.com/photoportfolio/bboy-usf/index.html

Like always, comments, questions and suggestions are welcomed!


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