what’s your “goto” to find answers and ideas?

Do you have a “goto” place where you go to find answer, ideas, etc?

For photography stuff, I’ve been hooked with Chase Jarvis’ (www.chasejarvis) work since I ran across some of his videos on youtube. The great thing about Chase is that he break downs barriers as he smashes the taboo of the photography industry. I like how he wants to promote the concept of sharing knowledge which pretty much inspired and encourage me to jump head first into the deep end of the pool of photography.

On the same track of photography and sharing knowledge, give the guys at fstoppers (www.fstoppers.com) a visit. Plenty of how-to and behind the scene videos all on the front page. I’ve learned a Ph.D amount of photography knowledge just from user submitted videos from all range of skill levels.

For web and graphic design work, unfortunately I haven’t found a one-stop location for all of my questions. I hate to say this but you essentially have to use… Google.

As for inspiration for graphics, swing by Nick La’s site, ndesign-studio. His work is so amazing and raw. I just can’t say enough about that guy. He have a couple of videos posted where he sources his own inspirations and there are some helpful tutorials.

So, what’s your “goto”?


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