RIP Seagate 7200.11 500gig Hard Drive

Segate Logo

During the 2 week Christmas Break, a guess one of Santa’s elves accidentally crashed my main O.S. drive on my desktop. Fortunately, two things saved me: 1) My drive was still under the old Seagate 5 year warranty (FYI- They just recently throttled back their 5 year warranty to now are offering a 3 year warranty on their new drives.) and 2) my whole system have been backed up on my Windows Home Server.

Yeah, this is my first ever hard drive failure in like 15+ years; the first drive I killed was on my father’s computer and boy was he upset! It turned out that I instead of ‘Shutting down’ the computer, I just hit the power button when the hard drive was attempting to spin down.

So what did we learn today? Great warranty will save you on dough and having a proper backed up system will save you from explaining to people why you completely lost their work.


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