Macro Box Project

I’ve been reading up and doing some research on how to take better product photos and the solution was to create a ‘Macro Box’.

It’s pretty simple and fairly inexpensive. Here’s the list of materials you need:

  • Plain Cardboard Box
  • White Tissue Paper
  • White Poster Board Paper
  • A Pair of Lamps or Speedlights
  • And just some CFL bulbs

You might notice in some of my pics that I’ve cut four sides of ‘Macro Box’ but the minimum is actually just 3 sides needs to be cut out. Once you cut the sides, cut some white tissue paper and apply it to the box. The tissue paper will just diffuse and soften the light. Then cut the white poster board paper and trim it down to the proper width. It’s okay if the white poster board paper extends outside of the box. Place the lamps on the side of the box, place your item inside and wa-laa!

Even though the tissue paper is white, the light emitting from your lamps will still have a yellow cast. To overcome this, you would need to create a custom white balance within your camera. I guess if you’re using speedlights (flash), you most likely do not need to do a custom white balance.

Unless your photographing animals inside your box, the environment is essentially static. This would be a great opportunity to try out various manual settings on your camera (M on Canons. I’m assuming it’s the same on Nikons).


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