Shooting Tethered :: Camera + USB –> Laptop

Shooting tethered have it’s advantages like being able to share the shots you’re shooting to a larger audience (aka good paying clients) since you’re feeding it to a computer with a decently sized monitor or being able to see what you’re actually shooting unless you’re shooting with a DSLR with a 100% viewfinder.

Here’s the list of ingredients for you to pull this off:

  • Camera
  • USB Cable (the longer the better)
  • Computer
  • Software (in this example, I’m using Adobe Lightroom 3)

It’s fairly simple. Hook the camera up to the computer via USB, turn the camera on and then fire up Lightroom. Within Lightroom, go to File>>Tether Capture>>Start Tether. Lightroom is going to ask you just simple meta data you can fill out and where to save the stream of incoming photos. And that’s it!

From the business end of the camera, nothing has changed other than you have a fairly long umbilical cord attached to the camera. You just fire away like usual. If you’re standing from the computer perspective, the feed of photos will take about 2-3 seconds to transfer over; once transferred, you then have the ability to review, edit, and make any adjustments on the fly.


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