The Portrait Portfolio

A new portfolio.. but a working portfolio:

The idea behind this portfolio is to demo that you don’t need the best equipment, the most optimal conditions, yada yada ya.. to take a decent photo.

Sure, I’ve might have picked up a fairly nice upgrade (Canon 7d if you were wondering) but doesn’t necessary mean I need to heavily rely on it to enhance my portfolio and my skills.

All of these photos were taken with fairly affordable equipment which in this case is a Canon XS with a Canon 50mm 1.8 lens. In some of the photos, I did use a Canon 430ex flash but in other instances, the flash was not used because one of two things: the use of a flash was not permitted or to take advantage of other light sources like a store front lamp.

Sure, the portfolio is a bit small so I consider this as a ‘Work in Progress’ portfolio. I’ve been banging this out for the past 2 months; trying to round up people with my wacky schedule proved to be a bit difficult but a challenge I’m willing to tackle and take in as a learning experience.

Well, enjoy the photos and hopefully we can all agree that it’s not the equipment that makes great art but the will and passion possessed by the individual.

-Nam P.


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