Firmware Update for Canon 7D is eh, somewhat up and official

During the past couple of months of using my Canon 7D, I kept on getting these random ‘Err 02’ message and then to lose the video clip/photo I was trying to capture. Yea, I thought it might have been for the super over-hyped Sandisk CF Cards I’m using but my false accusations have been put to rest as it turns out that there’s a fix for the ‘Err 02’ message (and other phenomenons) via a firmware update released by Canon. Well, it’s somewhat official; Canon did release it out to the masses then plugged the hole up. Fortunately, our good friends over at ( have the file and are hosting the download.

I’ve just recently updated my camera and so far I can tell you that I haven’t bricked it. As for the ‘Err 02’ message, only time will tell.

Oh, just in case if you don’t know how to update your camera’s firmware…


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