How to Fake Tilt Shift

I always love the miniature toy look a tilt shift lens produce but buying a decent tilt shift lense or even renting one just to toy around (sorry, pun not intended) don’t bode too well with me and my pocketbook. Ah, with the power of Photoshop and I’m pretty sure there are other capable image editing programs out there, you can have create toy images. I must warn you, once you successfully create a decent faux tilt shift image, you’ll probably head back to your vast library of decent images and turn them into spectacular tilt shift images.

Just searching (googling) around the internet, this directions from this guy/gal’s site was pretty easy ( even if you’re not a seasoned photoshop user.

I must say, if you have far more important work that has to be done in photoshop, this stuff can wait. To process the blur at a rating of “100” on my computer took about 4-5 minutes from a 12meg jpeg image. Your mileage may vary.

Here’s my attempt..

yea, I’m not totally satisfied on my work but you get the idea. Probably going to do a follow up post after some more tweaking and such.

Well, please excuse me as I’m going to look for some more pics through my library to hit the faux tilt shift effect.


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