Some News..

Yeah, so in the next week (give or take a couple of days for the people that are actually counting), Digital FAB studios will be put on hiatis for a little bit and ‘Nam Phan | photography’ will take over the reigns.

‘Hey, it must be the economy’, you might say. Well, not entirely so. Digital FAB studios was all started as a web and graphic design house and this whole photography venture was an experiment that was conviced almost a year ago. It turns out the experiment has grown into a full fledge product and rekindle the long passion of photography of mine. Not ready to hire anybody at the moment to take over the web and graphic design portions, the decision was made to temporary halt Digital FAB studios.

As for contact info, here it goes..
phone: 813.425.5700

So all of the info is fairly the same but the web and email address. will still be up for the next month but will be redirecting all web traffic to

Well, if you have any questions, comments, and/or concerns, feel free to hit me up. I’ll be here.

Oh, if anybody out there that have a resume and might be interested to fulfill this position in the future, feel free to send me a pdf or a url and I’ll take a look for future considerations.

Thanks, Nam P.


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