Product Photography Part 2.. How to shoot items larger than the cardboard box

Sometime ago, I’ve demonstrated on how to photography static items by crafting a cardboard box into a macro/light box. Granted, most of those items were fairly small but let’s say you don’t have a box or the stuff you’re shooting is a bit larger than the average box.

To be honest, this might be actually easier to construct than the macro box I’ve previous posted about (which can be found here:

So here’s the basic and bare minimum materials you will need:

  • 2 White Foam Boards
  • At least a single light source (in this case I will be using a 580ex flash shooting into an umbrella)
  • Something cool to shoot or maybe you want to sell on ebay

So here’s the setup..

Ah, take note young scholars! Notice that the foam board acting as a tabletop on top of a box and it's placed near to a fairly lit window. That's free light source right there (unless you live in a windowless apartment like Bin Laden before his demise) and you probably have noticed that I have directed the blinds in a way to light the right side of the playstation 2. Rearing and finishing the setup is another white foam board propped up against my closet doors. That's pretty much it. Fairly basic yet very effective setup.

Here's the finish product:


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